Hearing Aid Fittings

During your hearing aid fitting appointment, your hearing care professional will make sure your hearing aids fit your ears appropriately and comfortably.

Your hearing aids will then be programmed to meet your hearing needs specifically. It is important to give your feedback during this visit and express any concerns that you have. Your hearing care professional will explain how to use and take care of the hearing aids.

We will make sure that you feel comfortable with your hearing aids before leaving your initial hearing aid fitting. It is a good idea to bring a friend or significant other to this appointment so that other communication strategies can be recommended.

It is expected that there will be some sounds that you have not heard that you will need to adjust to hearing again. This is normal and to be expected. The benefits derived from wearing hearing aids, even the most technologically advanced, will vary from person to person.

It is expected that you will return for 2-3 follow-up visits during the first few weeks after receiving your hearing aids to make “fine-tuning” adjustments based on your experiences with your new hearing aids. During these follow-up visits to Lake ENT, we will review care and maintenance of your hearing aids. We will also discuss other assistive hearing technology that can be used in conjunction with your hearing aids.

Next Steps…

Your hearing aid will have a warranty of workmanship and repairs for a period of time. It is not uncommon for your hearing aid to need repair over time.