Learn How Hearing Aid Technology is Advancing Today’s Lifestyle

From Bluetooth® connectivity, remote controls, iPhone and Android apps and even hearing aids designed for those who love the water, you’ll be amazed how far the technology has come.

As they say, “These ain’t your grandparents’ hearing aids!”


One of the newest advances in hearing aids is the ability for the hearing aids to receive sounds from accessory devices. This is called connectivity. This greatly enhances your ability to hear on the phone and hearing your television.

Smart Phone Connectivity

For those individuals with a smart phone, you may choose a hearing aid that will allow you to hear music, audio books, etc. streamed from your phone into the hearing aids. You can also receive phone calls directly into your hearing aids, improving your ability to communicate over the phone. This direct streaming works best with an iPhone – however, you can stream from other smart phones with an accessory.


One common complaint is difficulty hearing the television. The best signal is a direct input signal into the hearing aid. Many of the hearing aids have an accessory available that will stream the TV signal directly into the hearing aid. This allows you to hear and adjust the level of sound from the TV for your comfort while the others around you can adjust the TV for their comfort.

Re-Chargable Hearing Aids

For individuals who have problems with dexterity, changing the battery can be difficult. Some hearing aid manufactures offer rechargable hearing aids so that changing the battery is not necessary. You will place your hearing aids in the charging case during the night and your hearing aids will be fully charged and ready to use the next day.

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